The performance of Rosendale Natural Cement has been well-documented over the course of its long history of use. The following are typical performance data from a variety of historic sources:



Set Time

Typically >10 mins., <30 minutes;
Faster than Portland cement,
Much faster than hydraulic lime

Compressive Strength

Typically 700-1700 psi @ 90 days (neat)
1200-2000 psi at 12 months;
Lower strength than Portland cement,
Comparable strength to Lime/Portland Blends and Hydraulic Lime

Modulus of Elasticity

Typically 535,000-640,000 psi
Lower than stone, brick, Portland cement (See chart, below)

Modulus of Rupture

Typically 400-600;
Lower than stone, brick, Portland cement (See chart, below)


Traditional specifications required that a minimum of 95% passes a 50-mesh sieve,
minimum of 90% passes a 100 mesh sieve
Current product fineness meets or surpasses these minimum requirements.

Tensile Strength

Traditional Specifications required a minimum of:
38-70 psi @ 24 hours (neat)
87-134 psi @ 7 days (neat)
162-237 psi @ 28 days (neat)
34-50 psi @ 7 days (1:2 w/sand)
75-80 psi @ 28 days (1:2 w/sand)

Adhesive Bond Strength

Neat Cement: 68 psi
1:1 Cement/Sand: 40 psi
1:2 Cement/Sand24 psi

Neat Cement: 27.5 psi
1:1 Cement/Sand: 20.8 psi
1:2 Cement/Sand12.0 psi

NOTE: These values are comparable to historic test results for hydraulic lime and Portland cement.

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