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Just as the historic uses of Rosendale Natural Cement Products® were widespread and varied, Edison Coatings, Inc. has undertaken the task of custom-formulating a wide range of historically accurate and mechanically sound Rosendale cement-based products. Custom formulation work, which Edison Coatings routinely performs in support of its full complement of Restoration Products, is offered for the Rosendale Natural Cement Products® as well.

The following groups of Rosendale Natural Cement Products® have been established:




Rosendale 10C

Natural Cement and Quick-Setting Natural Cement

Various grades, grinds and blends of Natural Cement

Rosendale 11G

Rosendale 11Gi

Prepackaged Grouts and Injection Mortars

Natural Cement-based mixtures for filling of cracks and voids in masonry

Rosendale 12M

Prepackaged, Custom-Matched Masonry Mortars

Natural Cement-based masonry mortars for repointing and rebuilding

Rosendale 13P

Prepackaged, Custom-Matched Composite Patching Mortars

Natural Cement-based patching compounds for limestone, sandstone and historic concrete

Rosendale 14S

Prepackaged Custom-Matched Stucco’s, Renders and Plasters

Natural Cement-based stucco for repair or replacement of historic stucco

Rosendale 15W

Prepackaged, Custom-Matched Natural Cement Limewash/Whitewash

Natural Cement with or without Lime is prepared in conformance with 19th Century U.S. Govt. Specifications for whitewash-hydraulic limewash

Rosendale 16B

Prepackaged Concrete (Beton)

Natural Cement-based Concrete Mix

Rosendale 17L

Hydraulic Lime

Withdrawn Jan 2015; Replaced with BioLime®  Natural Hydraulic Limes; For more information visit

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Rosendale Natural Cement Products®
is a registered trademark of Edison Coatings, Inc.

Rosendale Natural Cement Products® are manufactured in the United States of America from 100% American Natural Cement. This is authentic historic material, extracted from historic sources, as originally used in construction of thousands of American and Canadian buildings and structures in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Rosendale 10C Natural Cement and Quick Setting Natural Cement conform to the requirements of ASTM C10/10M-14.

Translantic Natural Cements(TM) are manufactured in the United States of America from USA and globally-sourced components. Translantic Natural Cement conforms to the requirements for Quick-Setting Natural Cement in ASTM C10/10M-14.

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