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Authentic Historic Mortars

Did you know that we routinely prepare custom authentic mortars of all types for repointing and rebuilding of historic masonry and stone buildings and structures?

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“The American
Natural Cement
by Michael P. Edison

This is the original article that appeared in the January 2006 issue of ASTM Standardization News. It is reproduced, here, with permission from ASTM.


Rosendale 12M Mortar Used for Restoration of the American Museum of Natural History; Project Wins Preservation Award

Custom color-matched Rosendale 12M natural cement masonry mortar has been used for repointing of the historic south range of the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Mortar analyses of the 1892 landmark facade confirmed historic documentation of the use of natural cement in the building’s original construction. The reintroduction in 2004 of authentic Rosendale Natural Cement Products® created an opportunity to maintain this unique architectural treasure’s historic integrity.


Contractor: Nicholson & Galloway, Glen Head, NY
Architect: WJE Associates, Inc., New York, NY

ASTM Standard C10/10M-14

ASTM C10, Standard Specification for Natural Cement,  reinstated in 2006, was again updated in 2014. The current version of one of ASTM’s oldest standards was modified to permit the use of functional additions such as retarders and superplasticizers to facilitate use. Such additions must be disclosed on product labels, to permit purchasers to choose whether to employ such additions or not. The standard is available online at

Conservators, engineers and architects specifying “natural cement meeting the requirements of ASTM C10”, can be assured they will get the authentic, traditional material used in thousands of 19th Century buildings and structures, and that it will meet the same structural performance requirements it was designed to meet over a century ago.

Edison Coatings Rosendale 10C Natural Cement and Quick-Setting Natural Cement meet the requirements of ASTM C10/10M-14.

ASTM STP 1494 - Natural Cement

A valuable book is available from ASTM. Entitled “STP 1494 Natural Cement”, including:

  • 10 original papers presented at the First and Second American Natural Cement Conferences
  • Copies of the reinstated 2006 ASTM C10 Standard Specification for Natural Cement and the original 1904 standard
  • Reprinted excerpts of rare historical materials, including Young (1817) on canal construction materials, Totten (1838) on tests of lime and natural cement for use in fortifications, Vose (1857) on masonry materials for railroad construction and Cummings (1898) on buildings and structures built using natural cement.

The volume may be ordered from ASTM International online HERE.


Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas National Park

Fort Jefferson is located 70 miles off Key West in the Gulf of Mexico. Rosendale natural cement was used in the original construction of the fort, over 150 years ago. In 2005, work continued using of Rosendale Natural Cement Products® under the first major restoration phase, and Phase 3 began in late 2008. Photo 2 (below) was taken in 2010 of work completed in Phase 3 (courtesy of the National Park Service).

Natural cement has proven superior to lime-based and portland cement-based restoration products in these demanding exposures. At Fort Jefferson, much of the 150 year-old Rosendale cement mortar remains in excellent condition, in spite of the severe ocean exposure and over 100 years of neglect. Although its circumference is a quarter mile and there is a total lack of expansion joints, the structure shows no signs of thermal expansion related cracking or stress.

rosendale cement fort jefferson1 F4June2009
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Rosendale Natural Cement Products® are manufactured in the United States of America from 100% American Natural Cement. This is authentic historic material, extracted from historic sources, as originally used in construction of thousands of American and Canadian buildings and structures in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Rosendale 10C Natural Cement and Quick Setting Natural Cement conform to the requirements of ASTM C10/10M-14.

Translantic Natural Cements(TM) are manufactured in the United States of America from USA and globally-sourced components. Translantic Natural Cement conforms to the requirements for Quick-Setting Natural Cement in ASTM C10/10M-14.

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