Most of these buildings and structures are from references in “American Cements”, by Uriah Cummings, 1898, though some modern projects have also been listed. Cummings chose to list some of the most prominent, most challenging and most ambitious projects, but was by no means attempting to catalogue all of the projects utilizing natural cement. The evidence suggests that this list is only a small portion of the projects built utilizing the approximately 70 billion pounds of natural cement produced between 1818 and 1915.

Some of the structures listed no longer exist, while others are now known by different names. Modern references and photo links are being added as they become available. In our attempts to track the history and current status of these buildings and structures, we have found a number of them that have been demolished in order to build more modern structures. We have not found anything suggesting that any of them failed in any mechanical sense to perform or endure, however. Some of Cummings’ references are insufficiently detailed to distinguish among several similar structures or buildings, built in the same locality during the same period of time. Where our links and references involve speculation as to which of these structures are cited by Cummings, it is so noted. We welcome site visitors to augment the record, where they have detailed knowledge of local projects, and to submit current photographs for the record. Please also report any dead links.





AR: Camden



AR: Fulton

Bridge over Red River


AR: Hot Springs

Hot Springs Waterworks Dam


CA: Riverside

Irrigation Canals


CA: San Bernardino

Irrigation Canals


CA: San Diego



CA: Sacramento

California State Capitol


CA: San Francisco

Fortifications .htm and adel.html

CO: Denver


Colorado State House cap/gold.htm

Union Depot

Original 1881 wings retained with newer Union Station construction. Historic photo: ricPhoto_detail.cfm??type=photos&auto_k ey=757

The Equitable Insurance Co.Building


The Albany

No longer exists; Historic photo: ricPhoto_detail.cfm??type=photos&auto_k ey=813 Postcards: stcardHTML/Albany_1.html and stcardHTML/Albany_2.html

The Windsor


CO: Pueblo

Opera House

Destroyed by fire, 1922; otographs/Pueblo%20Grand%20Opera%2 0House.htm

Union Depot

Photo Link: 1/DSC01290
Historical link: des/mead107a.htm

Board of TradeBuilding


Federal Building


CT: New Haven

Dams & Waterworks


CT: New Milford



CT: Willimantic

Waterworks Dam


CT: Windsor Locks

Bridge over Connecticut River

Removed; =910

FL: Dry Tortugas

Fort Jefferson

FL: Key West

FortTaylor history.asp and photos/visitors/FZT-TheFortAtSunset-Kirst enDeNoyelles.jpg

FL: Pensacola

Fortifications arr1.html and 1.htm

GA: Atlanta

Kimball House mball.htm


Preserved as part of the Howell Station Historic District. Link: and htm

Seaboard Air Line Depot


State House

History: apital.htm#anchor671763 Photos: ap/slide/gacap1e.htm

Atlanta Brewing Company


GA: Columbus



ChattahoocheeRiver Dam

Reference is uncertain, but probably the Eagle and Phenix Mill Dam, oldest in this area: m

GA: Macon



IA: Burlington

Bridge over Mississippi River




IA: Cedar Rapids



IA: Clinton


1885 photo; s/images/1116Bosse/plate35.jpg

IA: Davenport



IA: Des Moines

IowaState Capitol

Virtual Tour:



Dam on Des Moines River


IA: Dubuque

Railroad Bridge s/images/1116Bosse/plate31.jpg

IA: Fort Dodge



IA: FortMadison



IA: Independence

State Insane Asylum


IA: Keokuk



IA: Sioux City



IL: Alton

CB & QRRBridge


IL: Cairo



IL: Chicago

Waterworks Tunnel under Lake Michigan


Armour & Dole Elevators, Central Elevators A & B


Chicago Board of Trade

Demolished 1927;

Pullman Works nDistrict.html and http://pullman-chicago.visit-chicago-illinois.c om/ and nDistrict.html




RookeryOfficeBuilding ryBuilding2.html and ryBuilding.html and

Chicago Public Library lCenter.html and lCenter2.html


Demolished 1931

Chamber of Commerce

Demolished 1928;

CB & Q GeneralOfficeBuilding


Tunnel under Chicago River


Lake Shore Drive Seawall


Palmer House Gas Receiver


Farwell Block


IL: Dansville

Court House


IL: Rock Island

Rock Island Arsenal mages/il-rock_island_arsenal_pc.jpg and story/intro.htm and s/images/1116Bosse/plate37.jpg

IL: S. Chicago

IllinoisSteelBuilding m ref item 32.

IL: Springfield

State House

IN: Indianapolis

Big Four Round House


Home Brewing Co.Building


Park Theatre


New Hospital


Indiana State Prison


State House and ap/slide/incap1e.htm

IN: Kokomo

Kokomo Gas Works


KS: Atchison



KS: Coffeyville



KS: FortRiley



KS: FortScott



KS: Ft.Leavenworth



KS: Horton



KS: Leavenworth

CB & QRRBridge


National Soldier’s Home


KS: Parsons



KS: St. Mary’s



KS: Topeka

State Capitol and tm

KY: Covington



KY: Covington

Brenner Brewing Company


KY: Henderson

L & NRRBridge


KY: Louisville

Canal around Falls on the Ohio River .htm and h8.jpg

U. S. Customs House


Kentucky & Indiana Bridge

Replaced 1912

Louisville & JeffersonvilleBridge ?JS=17062 and dex.cfm?id=s0009523

MA: Boston

State House ap/slide/macap1e.htm

Subway tss.html and tsstext.html

Union Station

Demolished 1927. art/fa267/19th/norstatn.jpg



Boston Electric Light Company


Edison Electric Company


Metropolitan Water Board – Nashua Aqueduct


Bulfinch Front




Parker House Extension


Metropolitan Warehouse Company _fireproof.jpg and gs.html

Austen & Dolen Warehouse


Dams & Waterworks


Minots Ledge Lighthouse


MA: Brookline

Sewer Work


MA: Holyoke

Dams & Waterworks


MA: Ware



MD: Baltimore





Gas Works


CityHallBuilding altimore_area/baltimore/buildings/cityhall02 -ravens.jpg

ME: Portland



MI: Detroit



MI: Ionia

State House of Correction


MI: Lansing

State House

Fact Sheet:,1607,7-160 -15481_19267_20424-54598--,00.html and,1607,7-160 -15481_19271_19357-56884--,00.html

MI: Sault Ste Marie

U. S. Government Locks


MN: Duluth

Hotel St. Louis tcards/html/v_o_hammon_564_st_louis_hot el_and_torrey_building.html

Spalding House and_white_photos_of_Duluth/html/b&w_sp alding_hotel_1908.html and tcards/html/201942_spalding_hotel.html

Court House & Jail tcards/html/duluth_photo_engraving_4880_ court_house.html

Board of TradeBuilding tcards/html/rotograph_e-34236_board_of_ trade.html

FederalBuilding and_white_photos_of_Duluth/html/b&w_p ost_office_and_customs.html

Union Depot tcards/html/17400_union_depot.html

MasonicTemple tcards/html/201937_masonic_hall.html

LyceumBuilding tcards/html/c_co_g_r_lyceum_theater.html

MN: FergusFalls

State Insane Asylum


MN: Little Falls

Dam mage.cfm?imageid=10482&Page=1&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=little%20falls%20dam &SearchType=Basic and mage.cfm?imageid=76812&Page=1&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=little%20falls%20dam &SearchType=Basic

MN: Mankato



MN: Mankato

Bridge overBlueEarthRiver


MN: Minneapolis

Union Depot mage.cfm?imageid=81553&Page=1&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=minneapolis%20union %20depot&SearchType=Basic and mage.cfm?imageid=83857&Page=2&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=minneapolis%20union %20depot&SearchType=Basic

New YorkLifeInsuranceCo.Building

Razed 1958; mage.cfm?imageid=79695&Page=1&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=new%20york%20life %20building%20minneapolis&SearchType =Basic



SuspensionBridgeTowers mage.cfm?imageid=81553&Page=1&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=minneapolis%20union %20depot&SearchType=Basic

StoneArchBridge over Mississippi River s/images/1116Bosse/plate1.jpg and /bridges/csab1.html and mage.cfm?imageid=112888&Page=6&Digi tal=Yes&Keywords=exposition%20buildin g&SearchType=Basic

Hennepin County Court House mage.cfm?imageid=87676&Page=2&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=minneapolis%20city% 20hall&SearchType=Basic and mage.cfm?imageid=179848&Page=8&Digi tal=Yes&Keywords=minneapolis%20city %20hall&SearchType=Basic

City Hall mage.cfm?imageid=25327&Page=2&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=minneapolis%20city% 20hall&SearchType=Basic

Dams, Retaining Walls at St. Anthony’s Falls Power Co. mage.cfm?imageid=29152&Page=1&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=st%20anthony%27s% 20falls%20dam&SearchType=Basic and mage.cfm?imageid=41697&Page=1&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=st%20anthony%27s% 20falls%20dam&SearchType=Basic and mage.cfm?imageid=83497&Page=2&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=st%20anthony%27s% 20falls%20dam&SearchType=Basic and es/2004/06/28_bensonl_riverrestoration/

ExpositionBuilding mage.cfm?imageid=85795&Page=2&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=exposition%20building &SearchType=Basic

GuarantyLoan & TrustBuilding mage.cfm?imageid=75504&Page=1&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=guaranty%20loan&Se archType=Basic

Northern Pacific RR Bridge mage.cfm?imageid=77388&Page=1&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=minneapolis%20railro ad%20bridge&SearchType=Advanced

MN: Redwing

Bridge overMississippi River mage.cfm?imageid=11842&Page=1&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=red%20wing%20brid ge&SearchType=Basic and mage.cfm?imageid=56233&Page=2&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=red%20wing%20brid ge&SearchType=Basic

MN: St. Paul

Union Depot mage.cfm?imageid=124979&Page=1&Digi tal=Yes&Keywords=st%20paul%20union %20station&SearchType=Basic

New York Life Insurance Co. Building mage.cfm?imageid=63363&Page=1&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=new%20york%20life %20st%20paul&SearchType=Basic

Germania Life Insurance Co. Building mage.cfm?imageid=61759&Page=1&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=germania%20life%20s t%20paul&SearchType=Basic

RyanHotel mage.cfm?imageid=61385&Page=1&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=ryan%20hotel&Searc hType=Basic and mage.cfm?imageid=63986&Page=2&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=ryan%20hotel&Searc hType=Basic and mage.cfm?imageid=61149&Page=4&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=ryan%20hotel&Searc hType=Basic


Demolished 1959; mage.cfm?imageid=61769&Page=1&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=st%20paul%20globe %20building&SearchType=Basic

ManhattanBuilding mage.cfm?imageid=59777&Page=1&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=st%20paul%20manhat tan%20building&SearchType=Basic

PioneerPressBuilding mage.cfm?imageid=64224&Page=1&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=pioneer%20press%20 building&SearchType=Basic

Lowery Arcade


Endicott Arcade


Gas Works

Shown in photo after explosion in 1890: mage.cfm?imageid=61833&Page=1&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=st%20paul%20gas%2 0works&SearchType=Basic

GermaniaBankBuilding mage.cfm?imageid=62074&Page=1&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=germania%20bank&S earchType=Basic


Photos: ix.htm

Ramsey County Court House mage.cfm?imageid=142009&Page=1&Digi tal=Yes&Keywords=ramsey%20county% 20courthouse&SearchType=Basic

City Hall mage.cfm?imageid=87907&Page=1&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=st%20paul%20city%2 0hall&SearchType=Basic


Replaced 1924; rces/image.cfm?imageid=71892&Page=1& Digital=Yes&Keywords=st%20paul%20ro bert%20street%20bridge&SearchType=Ba sic

Chicago & GreatWesternRailwayBridge mage.cfm?imageid=70636&Page=2&Digit al=Yes&Keywords=chicago%20great%20 western%20bridge&SearchType=Basic

MO: Bellefontaine

CB & QRRBridge s/bellefontaine/ and d=hhphoto&fileName=mo/mo0500/mo052 3/photos/browse.db&action=browse&rec Num=0&title2=Bellefontaine%20Bridge,% 20St.%20Louis%20vicinity,%20St.%20Lo uis%20County,%20MO&displayType=1& itemLink=r?ammem/hh:@field(DOCID+@l it(MO0523)) 

MO: Boonville



MO: Chillicothe

County Court House


MO: Clinton

County Court House

Destroyed by fire, 1974; s/ue6024.htm

MO: Jefferson City

Bridge overMissouri River


MO: Kansas City

Keith &PerryBuilding






Coates House, Dodd, Allcutt, Bayard, BairdBuildings s/frozenmusic/page7.htm

Peet Bros., Gibraltar, Nelson, Massachusetts Bldgs.




Hotel Brunswick


Kansas City Star Building kansas_city.html



Public Library


New England Life


New York Life


Union Depot


Kansas City Journal


Board of Trade s/frozenmusic/page8.htm

American National Bank


FederalBuilding s/frozenmusic/page9.htm

MO: Lamar



MO: St. Joseph

U. S. Government Building


MO: St. Louis

GreatEadsBridge over Mississippi River debook/EadsBridge.htm and ves/arc_news/070903.htm and s/images/1116Bosse/plate53.jpg

U. S. Customs House d3e688294c3a74852563d3004975f4/6fe1 fa3da0aa2516852565d900539fae?OpenD ocument and urator/exhibitions/mintbldgs/sanfrancisco1_s tlouispolg_image.html

MerchantsBridge uis/scrap/merchantsbridge.jpg and mnmt/mo121.gif

MO: Warrensburg

County Court House


MS: Aberdeen



MS: YazooRiver

Illinois Central RR Bridge


MT: Great Falls

Dams on theMissouri River


NC: Asheville

The Biltmore, Vanderbilt Residence

ND: Fargo



NE: FortCrook



NE: Fremont



NE: Omaha

New York Life Insurance Building pres/nebraska/11300.jpg and braska/douglas.htm

City Hall


Paxton House


Murry House


Millard House


Old Union Station

Replaced 1931; ml and .php?locId=27514& g&cardNum=





American Waterworks’ Basins


Federal Building


NE: Plattsmouth

Railroad Bridge over Missouri River



New York State Thruway

Modern use, completed 1956, using blend of Rosendale and Portland cement.

Delaware and Hudson Canal =162 and

Erie Canal and 1897canalharborbufbrewers.gif also ockseriecanbuffaloc.jpg and .html

NY: Albany

NYC & HRRBridge over Hudson River


N.Y.State Capitol ch/albanyrich.html





NY: Bath

Soldier’s Home


NY: Black River



NY: Brooklyn

Brooklyn Navy Yard Programs/Conservation/Legacy/Ref-Guide/ refguide.html#cont and snsh-m/montgom3.htm

FortHamilton and htm

NY: Brownville

Globe Paper Mills


NY: Buffalo

International Bridge over Niagara River


City & County Hall

Currently called Old County Hall; web link:

Waterworks Reservoir


BuffaloHarbor and es/details.asp?ID=72&number=6

ErieCountySavingsBankBuilding 41:./temp/~ammem_l5a5::displayType=1:m 856sd=det:m856sf=4a08398:@@@

St. Louis Church

Church of the Seven Dolors ages/ m

Board of Trade Building


Bank of Buffalo ank.html

Bank of Commerce


Erie County Penitentiary bldg1?full=1

Erie & Niagara Elevators


Inlet Pier, Waterworks Tunnel Under Niagara River 56:./temp/~ammem_HlSs::displayType=1:m 856sd=det:m856sf=4a23446:@@@

Buffalo General Hospital


Buffalo Medical College


Post Offices


Buffalo Library 23000/4a23100/4a23148u.tif

Niagara Hotel


Hotel Iroquois

Demolished 1940;

NY: Canandaigua

Dams & Waterworks


NY: Cobleskill



NY: Croton

Aqueducts reaID=NYSPOA&CU_ID=1 and k/virtual_tour/croton_aqueduct/index.html

NY: Dexter

Dexter Paper Co. Bldgs. and Stone Arch Raceway


NY: Fredonia

Reservoir Waterworks


NY: Great Bend

Herrin & Sons Paper Mill and Dam


NY: Mechanicsville

Dams & Waterworks


NY: Niagara Falls

Suspension Bridge


NY: Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Paper Co. Buildings



Brooklyn Bridge yn/ ooklyn_Bridge.html bbridge.html

High Bridge over Harlem River k/highbridge/html/highbridge_history.html and highbridgewest.jpg

WashingtonBridge over Harlem River


MadisonAvenueBridge over Harlem River


Second Avenue Bridge over Harlem River


American Museum of Natural History Museum’s Official Site, does not include building history or photos; Photo link: umID=828

Astoria Hotel

Demolished in October, 1929 to make way for the Empire State Building

Buildings at Columbia University


Buildings at New York University


Washington Life Insurance Building

Demolished; 0/washlife.gif

U. S. Customs House


Post Office


Equitable Building


Mutual Life Insurance Building 04

Public School Buildings


Governor’s Island Fortifications


Dams & Waterworks


Grand Central Terminal*


Postal Telegraph Building 91 and 3783

Hotel Holland


NY: Oswego

Diamond Match Company Buildings


NY: Pen Yan

Dams & Waterworks


NY: Plattsburgh



NY: Portage

Erie Railroad Bridge Piers


NY: Poughkeepsie

Railroad Bridge over the Hudson River and .Html

NY: Rochester

Dams & Waterworks


Elevated Tracks and Bridge over Genesee River


NY: Rome

CountyAlms House


NY: Sacket’s Harbor

Harbor Work


NY: Utica

Faxton Hospital


NY: Watertown

City Hall 2.html#

OH: Cincinnati


U. S. Customs House


L & NRRBridge

C & ORRBridge tml

Suspension Bridge html

Cincinnati & Newport Bridge

Demolished 1992, but original natural cement masonry pier retained for new bridge. ral.html

OH: Cleveland

Great Viaduct over CuyahogaRiver


Otis Steel Company


Cleveland Rolling Mill Company


Post Offices


OH: Middletown

Sebald Brewing Company


OH: Steubenville



OH: Warren

Trumbull County Court House htm

Dana’s Music Hall as_musical_institute_warren.htm

OH: Youngstown

FederalBuilding _history.html

Ursuline Convent of the Sacred Heart Bldgs.


Episcopal ChurchBuilding ages_500/p323WickAvenue480.jpg

ON: Hamilton

Court House


PA: Alleghany

Post Office


PA: Altoona



PA: Columbia



PA: Harrisburg

Federal Building




PA: Johnstown



PA: Millersburgh



PA: New Castle

St. Cloud Hotel




New Castle Water Company


Lawrence Glass Company


Shenango Glass Company


Atlantic Iron & Steel Company


Arethusa Iron Works


Shenango Valley Steel Company


New Castle Tube Company


New Castle Wire Nail Company


New Castle Steel & Tin Plate Company


PA: Pittsburgh

Locks & Dams, Monongahela River


B & ORRBridge over the Monongahela


Court House pittrich.html

Post Office


Carnegie Mills

Demolished and shopping center built on site; historic smokestacks remain. mage-idx?sid=22ea898f1424737653a53a 54ddc4aed2;xc=1;g=imls;q1=carnegie%20 mills;rgn1=ic_all;size=20;c=accd;c=aerial;c =allegob;c=cma;c=cmaharris;c=cp;c=fcox; c=fwag;c=gn;c=gret;c=gt;c=hjhz;c=iks;c=j al;c=jben;c=ka;c=kauf;c=lysh;c=mest;c=pp s;c=rr;c=spencer;c=trim;c=uapitt;c=ue;c=u rban;lasttype=boolean;view=entry;lastview =thumbfull;subview=detail;cc=gn;entryid=x;viewid=25008GN.TIF;start =1;resnum=3

DavisIsland Dam htm and hney/davis_island_dam.htm and hney/04Lock1WicketDamOhioRiverDavisI slandDam.jpg



Smithfield Street Bridge 476/smithfield.htm

Post Offices


PA: Scranton



County Court House ocess/OID_0D9A56E1/MID_585/CID_1 7/SID_82/BID_64458/BID_64711/ and nton_wilkes-barre_photos_2.htm

PA: Williamsport



RI: Newport






SC: Clifton

Clifton Mills


SC: Columbia

Columbia Mills


SC: Fingerville

Fingerville Manufacturing Company


SC: Glendale

D. E. Converse Mills


SC: Mauldins

Reedy River Mills


Pelham Mills


SC: Pacolet

Pacolet Mills Cotton Mill


SC: Pelzer

Pelzer Mills


SC: Port Royal

Federal Building


SC: Spartansburgh

Spartan Mills Cotton Mills


SC: Union

Union Mills


SD: Sioux Falls

Federal Building 13beabd62a218525672a007964f2?Open Document and /sioux-falls.html

TN: Bridgeport

NC & StLRRBridge


TN: Chattanooga

U. S. Customs House

Currently houses the Tennessee Valley Authority. otodatabase.html

Tennessee River Bridge

Currently preserved as pedestrian park, “Walnut Street Bridge” d+3058+2495+1529+46+3 and /00001462.jpg

Chattanooga Brewing Company m%20tour/chattanooga.jpg

Two Bridges

Reference uncertain, but one may be the  1888 Cincinnati Southern Railroad bridge: /00001498.jpg

Times Building


TN: Jackson



TN: Memphis

U. S. Customs House phis/blmem07.htm

KC & MRRBridge phis/blmem10.htm

TN: Nashville



Gerst Brewing Company es/04/12/35665648.shtml?Element_ID=35 665648 and ew.htm

TX: Austin

State Capitol ap.htm

TX: Cisco



TX: Dallas

County Court House m and

TX: Fort Worth

County Court House hse.htm and house3.jpg

TX: Waco



TX: Yocum



VA: Farmville



VA: Harrisonburg



VA: Norfolk

Navy Yard


VA: Richmond

City Hall

Replaced with new city hall in 1970’s, but historic building retained; 5/photo151.html



Church Hill Tunnel


Capitol Square ES/access/up/C0094-01 and ES/access/up/C0096-01 and ES/access/up/C0096-01

Bridges at Snowden and Joshua Falls


Washington, DC

Boundary sewer


Bureau of Engraving & Printing

Currently the Yates Building, part of the USDA complex: g and s%20Building


1857 bridge still carries traffic and City of Washington water supply; d=hhphoto&action=browse&fileName=md /md0200/md0255/photos/browse.db&rec Num=0&title2=Cabin+John+Aqueduct+Br idge,+MacArthur+Boulevard,+spanning+C abin+John+Creek+at+,+Cabin+John,+Mo ntgomery+County,+MD and =177

LongBridge Over the Potomac

Replaced with modern bridges. ndation/civil-war/1861/may/potomac-long- bridge.htm

National Museum (SmithsonianCastle) m and m

Navy, State & WarDepartmentBuilding

Currently rededicat ed as th Eisenhower Executive Office Building; History: r/timeline.html and r/

Old U. S. Patent Office

Currently the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and American Art Museum; .html

U. S.CapitolBuilding truction.cfm

U. S.TreasuryBuilding urator/ and

WashingtonMonument (Base & Lower Section) htm and

WI: Ashland



WI: Milwaukee

City Hall /287497.asp
Photos: 2453

City Library

Demolished 1963. Photo link: htm


Demolished 1980; Photo link: htm

FederalBuilding n/milwaukee/edbrooke/edbrooke.html


KanawhaRiver Locks


WV: Clarksburg



WV: Kenova

N & WRRBridge









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